This website is dedicated to the family of our good friend, Jeff Groscost. It is our hope that this will be a blessing to them, as well as to those whose thoughts and memories are expressed here.
I am just one of many thousands whose lives were deeply touched by your husband and father. I loved/love Jeff very, very much and felt/feel very close to him. I use both the past and present tense since I know that the essence of Jeff is indestructible spirit that is never born and which can never die. Jeff is still with us and always will be. When I think of Jeff, I think of love and loyalty. Jeff was full to the brim with both, and he was eager to share. I met him shortly after he was first elected and we hit it off right away even though we came from very different places in the country and very different religions. Our differences meant absolutely nothing. Our shared values of universal love for humankind and God were all that mattered. Politics are really meaningless at a time like this but I would like to make one point that no one else is likely to make. Jeff was the grand architect of the HMO Reform bill of 2000 which transformed the healthcare delivery system in Arizona. This transformation dramatically increased patient protections on many, many levels. Hundreds of thousands of patients have had a much easier time traversing the health care system and regaining their health solely because Jeff was willing to go climb out on a limb for them. This is just one of a score of achievements that Jeff will be remembered for. Most of all, let us all remember the words from the funeral where all of the spiritual leaders emphasized the fact that Jeff still lives on in the spiritual realm, and that we will all see him again one day. You will be reunited with your loving husband and dad so hold closely to that in your heart. Also remember that there are scores of us out there who are remembering and praying for your family on a regular basis.
~ Alan M. Immerman, 11.14.06
A couple of years ago we were over at the Shumways' house for New Years Eve and your dad went out front at midnight and set off all kinds of firecrackers. We thought it was cool and all the kids loved it. He seemed like a really fun guy.
~ Cunninghams, 11.13.06
Wow...what a guy. A twinkle in his eye, warmness in is heart and passion for life. He arrived at the legislature with energy unsurpassed by all. He had sound principles and knew exactly what he wanted to accomplish and how it would be done. He was a master of the process. There was no one he wouldn't help or reach out to in an effort to make them successful. He was so "fun" and referred to me as "Janbo". It was the endearing manner in which he said it, that made you love him. He was the Speaker of the House and I was the Majority Whip in the Senate.When I ran for Secretary of State I would call him from all around the state, stressed out. Who did he know, who could help me and who should I contact. He would rattled off names and phone numbers. Then quickly say "I'll call them and let them know you'll be in touch." Always reassuring that I was a winner. Ready to do whatever was needed to help. (Raise money, put up signs, gather petitions and be my and the children were is pride and joy. You were a good wife and mother and he always spoke so sweet of his family. His kids were always the greatest...just ask him! He wasn't shy about expressing his pride about all of you.He was a super guy and I will miss him.
~ Jan Brewer, 11.11.06
I'll never forget how your dad proposed to your mom in a movie theater in front of both their parents. What an incredible exclamation of love for two very young people...look what a wonderful outcome this "happily ever after" story has brought, even though this happened so early! You are all truly blessed.
~ Suzanne Peterson, 11.11.06
My relationship with Jeff began in 2005 through the alternative fuels world. I work for the Alternative Fuel Vehicle Institute (AFVi), and Jeff joined our Executive Committee to help with our annual conference which was held in Phoenix last May. Most of us on the committee are not from Arizona and early in the planning process we were warned to stay away...far, far away. Instead, we got as close to Jeff and his world as we could. Many things happened because of Jeff. Senator McCain committed as a keynote speaker. Jeff chaired several sessions and one time knocked himself out to meet a commitment by leading a committee meeting from the back seat of a taxi cab in Brazil. He set up meetings for us to garner funding from a wide range of people who couldn't say no to him. The first time we went to a meeting at the state legislature, I felt like I was trailing Bono (a republican version). I saw what I already knew. Jeff loved life and everyone in it. The statehouse was his element. The alternative fuels universe may be the only one where being a democrat or republican is secondary to the convictions we all share about plentiful energy supply that doesn't destroy the planet. No sparring was off limits and no one could take or make a joke like Jeff. Like clockwork and entirely unrehearsed, someone would refer to "the alt fuels debacle." He couldn't help himself. He hated the word debacle. He'd roll his eyes, put on his trademark grin and say, "Fiasco. Not debacle." And it was neither. Great things can happen with genius, passion and leadership and Jeff was blessed with all three. Here's the real kicker. I'm a lifelong democrat, and, I believed so strongly in Jeff's intelligence, integrity and compassion, that it would have been a tremendous honor to help him get elected to the highest office of his dreams. I liked him that much and I wish he would have had the time. But in the time he did have, he did more than most to make the world a better place.
~ Kimberly Taylor, 11.10.06