This website is dedicated to the family of our good friend, Jeff Groscost. It is our hope that this will be a blessing to them, as well as to those whose thoughts and memories are expressed here.
Your grandma Ipsen introduced me to your dad many years ago. He invited our ladies club to have lunch with him in his office building when he was the speaker of the house. We had so much fun that day. Soon your dad had your grandma doing some political volunteer work, and before long I was doing it too. Your dad was very smart. He helped Arizona to be a better place to live. We are so glad he was such a good person. Your grandma tells me all about you and how good you are. Your dad will be so proud of you as you grow up to be good just like him.
~ Anne Humble, 11.10.06
When we first moved here across the street I remember going to meet Logan and Chad. When John and I went over there Logan was playing basketball with Chad. Jeff came out and shook my hand and welcomed me to the neighborhood. I loved that, it made me feel loved and comforted since I was sort of friendless since the move. Thank You!!!!!!
~ David Palmer, 11.9.06
This email excerpt was sent to me by Jeff two weeks prior to his passing: "I learned a long time ago that challenges in life don't build character...they reveal character; they also separate friends from mere acquaintances!" - Jeff Groscost
~ Dave Crozier Family Friend & Vice Mayor, Gilbert AZ, 11.9.06
Hi Groscost Family - I want you to know and realize the man he IS. Your dad often expressed how special you are and how blessed he was for having such a great and wonderful wife and children. He truly loved you a lot and was very bold in sharing his feelings about Heavenly Father and the Savior. Your dad was busy doing a lot of things but he often shared that he was trying to improve the State and community so it would be better for you some day.
~ Dave Crozier, 11.9.06
Dana and family,I will always remember the late nights in our shop making Pinewood Derby cars! It was always welcome, and ever the the good time. I am so very sorry for your loss, and I SINCERELY hope that you realize and will take it for that, that myself, and my family, are here for you at the drop of a hat. And we're just down the street! Anyways, I want you to know how much I love Jeff and your family, and appreciate all that you have done for me. I love you all.X Kyle Kerby X
~ Kyle Kerby, 11.9.06
I will never forget Jeff taking me through the Mesa Temple for my second time ever. Thank you so much for everything.X Kyle X
~ Kyle Kerby, 11.9.06
No matter where I was a football game, a swim meet, a choir concert, or even a student council event Bro. Groscost was always there. He loves his kids so much! I never knew Bro. Groscost as a political man, I just knew him as a great father who would do anything for his kids!
~ anonymous, 11.9.06