This website is dedicated to the family of our good friend, Jeff Groscost. It is our hope that this will be a blessing to them, as well as to those whose thoughts and memories are expressed here.
I was able to attend the funeral services and was very touched by the incredible outpouring of love from so many. I've attended meetings at the stake center for over 25 years and never seen a crowd like that. What a tribute to all of you. What a man--truly larger than life. So many memories--always smiling, helping out in scouting, coaching the kids, so knowledgeable about current events and so politically connected, and a most devoted husband and father. I was so impressed to see what Jeff could accomplish and truly was a master in being able to find common ground among all parties. I called Jeff a few years ago asking to help open some doors for our family to get in places in Washington DC. Jeff was always ready, willing and able to help no matter what the request. I remember seeing Jeff out on the ball fields as our kids competed together or against each other. This was when Jeff was Mr. Speaker, yet he always made time for the most important events of the day--being with his children and seeing them in action. What an optimist--if Jeff said it was going to happen, he set out to see that it would happen. The last time I saw Jeff was just a month ago at General Conference. How grateful you must be to know that your father has a testimony of the gospel and that, thanks to his being married with your Mom in the temple you will be united again as an eternal family. Love,
~ Brent & Marian Priday & family, 11.9.06
Dana and Kids, I cannot begin to express the love and admiration I have for Jeff my very, very dear friend. I will miss him. I love Jeff, your Husband/Dad as a brother. Qualities: Duty, passionate, intelligent, devoted, loyal, couragous, brave, moral, loving, Patriotic, trustworthy, a wonderful Husband and Dad and the best friend a guy good have, and I am so glad you shared him with me. You know Jeff as a wonderful Husband and Father. I know Jeff as that and as a wonderful Friend, Patriot and a man devoted to God, Family and Freedom. Jeff's huge impact in his short life will someday be put into a proper perspective. I knew Jeff as a man I could count on 24/7. I am eternally grateful to Jeff for so very much. I probably owe (like his Mom said today, she questions the political side of his life) much of my political decision to run for office to Jeff and his example and encouragement (actually more than just encouragement, more like pushing me into it). Jeff will never be replaced, he will always be missed, but he will always be remembered as a man who made a huge difference in the lives of millions of families as he passionately fought for issues to strengthen families and America. Jeff believed strong families strengthen America. Jeff never failed to put his God and his family first, however he spent a tremendous amount of time and energy fighting for tomorrow for a better and safer place to raise our children. Jeff understood the sacred nature of our Constitution that was divinely given to us and knew his responsibility to defend it and preserve it for you and for all of our posterity. Jeff knew that the character of its people measures the greatness of our nation. We live in a Constitutional Republic based on moral law, freedom and personal responsibility, and this includes limited government. The best thing we can do for our families is to reduce the burden of government and Jeff was dedicated to this principle. Jeff being a Reagan Republican was committed to those founding principles. "In 1776 we began as a small, weak republic. But we survived. Our example inspired others, imperfectly at times, but it inspired them nevertheless. These constitutional republics, conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal, prospered and grew strong." (Ronald Reagan).  Jeff has a tradition of service, hard work and commitment to community, the youth, the elderly and our Constitutional freedoms. JEFF WILL BE SORELY MISSED. Until you see him again. May God Bless you and keep you safe. His and your devoted friend,
~ Russell Pearce, 11.9.06
Remember: Dad always said... "Have fun, do good, be great & remember you're a Groscost."
First, may I say what a wonderful funeral that was today. I liked the the phrase "I'm Jeff Groscost and I approve of this funeral." What a marvelous man. Dana, you and your children are in our thoughts and prayers. Experience number 1: Jeff and I were in the MTC together, he going to Brazil and I to Austria. We became acquainted with each other through the Hatfield boys. He was always kind and engaging to me whenever he saw me. We were in Provo during the summer months and I remember complaining of the lack of AC and the overall heat. Maybe it was wearing a suit and tie that was the real problem. Well, much to the talent of Jeff in solving a problem, he convinced the doctors that he had feet issues and needed to wear flip flops. Suit, tie and flip flops crusin' the MTC. I will always think of that time when I think of my friend Jeff. Experience number 2: A few months ago I met Jeff at the Scout Shop as I was purchasing some decals for my son's pinewood derby. Historically, we Jackson are the tail of the dog when it comes to success at the pinewood derby. As a cub scout I failed...and cried. As an adult parent I failed...and my son cried. Well that was about to change. Jeff gave me a few tips and once they were implemented, my second son, Luke, experienced something only OTHER Scouts did...VICTORY! I even have a picture in my office of the two of us and our JEFF GROSCOST inspired racer. Unfortunately, my first son, Jake, did not see the joy in Luke's success when he commented to me..."Geez Dad, why couldn't you have learned those secrets when I was a Scout." Dang it, even in victory someone isn't happy. Thanks to Jeff, that day at our pinewood derby, the tail wagged the dog. Dana, The Lord has great trust in you and your abilities to be willing to take Jeff home so early. May your children know and continue to learn of the greatness of their father. May you be lifted up at those lonely times when no body is near to hear your sobs of sorrow and loneliness. I have always admired you since meeting you shortly after graduating a Beaver from Scottsdale High. Jeff could not have married a finer daughter of God to watch over his flock of six beautiful lambs. With heartfelt love and admiration,
~ Scott and Karen Jackson and Family
p.s. I loved how Jeff always called me Milo when he saw me. It dated back before our missions.